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Scalp Disorders

Understanding the Causes

Scalp problems are very common, most are embarrassing and very irritating and some can cause hair loss. Treatment of the majority of scalp disorders involves slowing down the, often rapid growth of skin cells to reduce, gradually, the persistent build up of dead skin (scale). Our scalp treatments include the use of anti-mitotic (slows down cell division), anti-pruritic (relieves itching), and anti-bacterial, de-scaling applications.


The symptoms of many scalp disorders can be completely cleared if treated correctly. It is important to get a correct diagnosis from an expert as many people are wrongly advised and confused when seeking advice or treatment for scalp conditions.


Here are examples of some common and not so common scalp disorders.

Psoriasis Psoriasis Pityriasis Amiantacea
Seborrheic Dermatitis Scaling - Magnified Neurodermatits

Scaling Due to Allergic

Response to Chemicals

Seborrheic Dermatitis