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Hair Loss in Ireland

It can be hard to realise just how important healthy hair is for our self image, our well being and general health until hair loss Dublin takes hold and causes problems. The hair is itself a natural organ, and as such should be treated with as much care as any other part of our body. Take a look through the rest of the site for some good tips on caring for and looking after your scalp.


Its perfectly normal for everyone to lose hair on an ongoing basis, we all shed every day, the difficulties arise when that hair does not grow back.


Thankfully there are many treatments available for hair loss, in Dublin and in Galway, depending on the stage this hair loss is at, varying from simple vitamin supplements all the way to full hair transplants.


Generally its best after noticing thinning hair to take action as soon as possible in order to get the most benefit from the treatments. Some of the reasons for losing and hair include stress, severely damaging hair styles using blow drying, heating and curling, back combing and dreadlocks, infections, poor diet and many more.


Patchy, pattern, and stress related hair loss can all be treated with trichology, we currently operate clinics in Dublin and Galway. Regardless of whether thinning hair is caused by genetic or environmental factors, the techniques applied in trichology can prove of great value in slower or stopping baldness.