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You do not have to have total hair loss to wear a wig, many people wear a wig while they are waiting for their own hair to grow, whilst undergoing treatment. We have several ranges of stylish wigs which can be supplied in human and fibre hair, in a colour to match your own at competitive prices. Expert trichological advice and support is available in private fitting rooms, for any queries you have about scalp problems, hair growth or keeping you wig in tip top condition.


If you want a wig to match your exact specifications, we will get it for you. Wig grooming products and stands are supplied. Our premier collection gives a very natural appearance and incorporates a very high specification with a number of special features. They include an undetectable front hair line and a silky, comfortable lining. They are very light and polyurethane patches are used on the inside for extra security.


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I had patches of hair loss which was very difficult to cope with and it caused me alot of stress. All of my hair grew back after I had treatment from Galway Trichology Clinic.

Margaret, Limerick

Diagnosis: Alopecia Areata


After much research I chose to visit Galway Trichology Clinic about my hair loss as I wanted to get professional advice. I am very happy with the results. I immediately felt that I was in good hands. I had spent a fortune on vitamins and treatments and nothing was helping. Very professional service. Thank you. Matthew, Galway Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss


I have used treatments from Trichologist Deborah Whelan for a few years and I am very happy with the results.

Siobhan, Cork

Diagnosis: Female Pattern Hair Loss


The treatments I recieved in Deborah's Trichology clinic were excellent, both service and product was of the highest standard.

Oliver, Galway

Diagnosis: Seborrheic Dermatitis


I had an itchy, scaly, weeping scalp which was so embarrassing I couldn't even go to my GP. On meeting with Deborah I was relieved by her diagnoses and treatment which was so reasurring. People now comment on how healthy looking my hair is. I just wish I had gone to her sooner.

Ailbhe, Sligo

Diagnosis: Pityriasis Amiantacea and Telogen Effluvium


Alopecia is a horrible experience. I lost almost all my hair within days and I needed to wear a wig for many months. Since having treatment from Galway Trichology Clinic my hair is growing back and I no longer wear the wig. Deborah was very knowledgeable about this condition, helpful and professional. I am very pleased with her customer care service.

Ann, Galway

Diagnosis: Alopecia Totalis


After noticing that my hair was going a bit light I tried a few treatments that did'nt help. I had been doing some research into hair loss when I heard about Galway Trichology Clinic on the TV. I have been using some products that were recommended now for 18 months and I find that my hair has improved, it has stopped thinning and my scalp is a lot clearer.

Michael, Dublin

Diagnosis: Male Pattern Hair Loss